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What Brought Me Home – Geoffrey Rohlfing, DO

There is genuine joy in listening to an elated patient speak of how they can once again golf, hike, work, or play with their grandchildren without pain.  Improving patients’ lives is what drives my desire to excel in my craft; orthopaedic surgery specializing in joint reconstruction.  From a young age, it was clear I wanted to do this here in my hometown of Fresno and care for the wonderful people of the Central Valley to whom I feel so connected.

My grandfather moved to Fresno to practice medicine after his service in World War II, and my father practiced here as an orthopaedic surgeon.  Bones, tools, and joint implants are some of the first “toys” I can remember.  Chance meetings with my father’s and grandfather’s patients were peppered into my youth, leaving an indelible impression I wanted my children to experience.  Thus, after medical school, I chose to train at UCSF Fresno to start the patient connection I desired. Training here meant more to me than just an excellent education from supportive attendings that were heavily invested in my professional and personal development, it meant caring for people that feel like family.

As a classical guitarist, I enjoy working with my hands and the fine motor skills needed to attempt to perfect a composition.  My fond childhood memories of joint implants combined with my desire to improve mobility and my adoration to work with my hands led me to subspecialize in adult reconstruction.

Adult reconstruction is a division of orthopaedic surgery that specializes in hip and knee replacements.  Adult reconstruction also involves those in pain who already have hip and knee replacements that may need a revision.  Many patients don’t realize that they may be candidates for a partial knee replacement, which is less invasive with a faster recovery.

I’m looking forward to helping grow University Orthopaedic Associates and Community Health System as part of the Comprehensive Joint Team at University Orthopaedic Associates and providing the service of giving patients in need their mobility back.

Geoffrey Rohlfing, DO

Geoffrey Rohlfing, DO

About the Author: Geoffrey Rohlfing, DO, is a fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon who provides services at University Orthopaedic Associates. Dr. Rohlfing holds a faculty appointment with University of California, San Francisco in the UCSF Fresno Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. 

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