Central California Faculty Medical Group (CCFMG) and its University Centers of Excellence are now Inspire Health Medical Group.

Inspired Support for Our Community

Each budget year, Inspire Health Medical Group will accept applications from our core faculty physicians requesting financial support for non-profit organizations in our community. The request deadline will take place once a year. Please note, that only one funding request for a non-profit may be submitted each fiscal year.

All received submissions will be compiled for review by the UFA Board, who will then make recommendations for final approval by the Board of Directors. These recommendations will be submitted once a year. Core faculty may submit event-related sponsorship requests that are under $1,500 throughout the year. Please refer to the event sponsorship form for additional information.

While each request submitted will be considered, limited funding is available, and some requests may not receive funding. We welcome new requests that meet the qualifications listed below, each fiscal year, even for those applications that were previously denied.

Any request over the amount of $1,500 may be required to undergo an additional review process, including but not limited to, an in-person or virtual presentation and review meeting in which the application will be considered.

The following is a list of requirements to complete when submitting your non-profit donation funding request:
  • Each application must be submitted by an Inspire Health Medical Group physician, Inspire Health Medical Group executive leadership member, or UFA board member
  • Each application must be made on behalf of a designated 501c3 non-profit entity
  • The application must be completed in full
  • Each application will need an accompanying 990 IRS form for the non-profit organization that will be receiving funding
  • The requesting individual, as well as a non-profit representative, may need to be available to attend in-person or virtual meetings in which the application will be considered
  • Please note, if this request is on behalf of a religious-affiliated non-profit or group, the maximum donation support will be no more than $1,500.

The following is a list of suggested guidelines to consider when requesting your non-profit donation funding. Funding requests that meet the majority of the guidelines below will be given higher priority for funding approval:
  • The requester must be a member of the Inspire Health Medical Group board or an Inspire Health Medical Group physician affiliated with the non-profit or event
  • The non-profit mission supports initiatives in the community that improve access to health care for underserved populations, education, health and community wellness, and human services
  • Have a direct impact on the diverse communities living in the Central Valley
  • Have a nationally rated and recognized affiliation with a history of demonstrating local community impact
  • Provide direct opportunities for our faculty and staff to interact with the community through an event or promotional activities
  • An event-specific donation request form is coming soon. In the meantime, please submit all event donation requests through the form below.

Please keep in mind that some nonprofit organizations/events may receive funding through the Inspire Health Medical Group advertising budget. Examples include:
  • Events where our physicians have a role (they are speaking or providing a service)
  • Events where the Marketing Department is promoting our physicians and services