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COVID-19 and Advanced Cardiology Imaging CME 2/25/21

On Thursday, February 25, 2021, University Cardiovascular Centers physicians Siri Kunchakarra, MD, and Ankit Rathod, MD, presented on when to order advanced imaging and how it can help in the diagnosis and management of certain disease states, and how to identify cardiac manifestations of COVID-19 that qualify for advanced imaging.

Please click on the video below to watch the presentation. The slides from the presentation, as well as more information about the providers, are available below the video.

Siri Kunchakarra, MD
Dr. Kunchakarra is an Assistant Clinical Professor with UCSF and the Director of Cardio-Oncology at UCSF Fresno. More Information

Advanced Cardiac Imaging
View the slides Dr. Kunchakarra used during her presentation. View Slides

Ankit Rathod, MD
Dr. Rathod is an Assistant Clinical Professor with UCSF and the Director of Non-Invasive Cardiology at UCSF Fresno. More Information

Manifestations of COVID-19
View the slides Dr. Rathod used during his presentation. View Slides

Teresa Daniele, MD, FACC
Teresa Daniele, MD, FACC, is the Chief of Cardiology at UCSF Fresno and an Associate Clinical Professor with UCSF. She is the Medical Director at University Cardiovascular Center and specializes in women’s heart health. Dr. Daniele served as the Activity Director for this event. More Information